Our flight support section deals with a multinational team of highly experienced and fully qualified and licensed dispatchers. Having a background experience of many years combined, all our dispatchers have been exposed to both scheduled airline operations and business jet operators. Our staff is kept on the ball with approved annual re-current training programs which range from all the flight planning and dispatch requirements to familiarization flights where dispatchers plan and join the flight deck crew on an actual flight to monitor, and gain experience on how to maintain and improve flight planning optimization and keeping planned and actual flight plan differences to a minimum. We believe that exposure and knowledge of the whole operations procedures will ensure smooth and glitch less running of a flight mission from start to completion.

We work around the concept of creating a working environment of commitment to compliance and high standards. We want this culture to work not only within our company, but also throughout our partners and agents.

We emphasize on the following aspects that support our operations:

Professional Service Provision

Our team is required to maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level needed to ensure that our service meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.


Due to the sensitive nature of the business jet operator environment, we will safeguard confidentiality to the highest level. All personal and commercial information received from our clients, suppliers, handlers and support agents is considered confidential and will be thoroughly protected accordingly.

Quality and Safety

Quality and safety are of utmost importance. Documented processes define our operational procedures that give a consistent high quality service to all our customers. Quality and safety are a dynamic phenomenon that continuously needs to improve and re-generate through the means and channels of adequate training and field specialization.


Over-flight and Landing Permits

We can secure your permit requirements in the least time possible. With a vast list in our database of direct contacts to most of the Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide and Authorized Agencies globally, we will action your request instantly and deliver permissions in a short time period. This is essential to most business operators as missions can be sold and confirmed at short notice. Our multinational and multilingual crews are especially knowledgeable of aviation regulations in the most demanding situations and emerging markets.

Flight Planning

Our professional and fully qualified team of flight dispatchers utilizes the latest software to provide operational flight planning service. We provide the most feasible and economic routing taking into consideration all the variables affecting your flight namely weather, air traffic clearances, airport regulations and political situations. By meticulously charting your trip we will ensure to provide you with the most time and money effective solution to your route.


We also cater for performance calculations and runway analysis for your aircraft to fly to over high terrain and special category airports clearing obstacles and ensuring runway lengths are in conformity to the requirements and regulations.


Flight briefing packages are released with filtered NOTAMS and updated weather for destination, alternate and en-route. ATC flight plan filing is done using the appropriate software with unlimited field modification be it FL or any other change permitted by ICAO regulations.


Our flight support services will cater for all your fuel requirements. We can offer our clients AVGAS & JET A1 fuel at the most competitive rates through our worldwide contacts with leading companies. Our fuel prices are continuously updated reflecting the market price fluctuations. Any drop or rise in fuel prices

are input in our system and if there are savings involved these are passed immediately to our clients. Our preferred fuel suppliers have shown us consistency and reliability in the turn around times by being available to refuel the aircraft once it reaches it’s allocated parking spot.